Chapter 5 “LOOPS AND ITERATORS” now available for Ruby Book


Please refer to our link, dated 7th July, where we had posted a Blog about a New Ruby Book by Sapphire Steel.  We had informed in depth about this Free book with 4 chapters to download.

Please find the link below, download the Fifth Chapter that covers ” Loops and Iterators “

Chapter Five

  • For Loops
  • Multiple Iterator Arguments
  • Blocks
  • While Loops
  • While Modifiers
  • Until Loops
  • Loop
  • The Enumerable Module
  • Custom Comparisons

Please download the book, with all 5 chapters here.


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Ruby on 9th Position. Just 1 step behind C#

The Tiobe Programming Community Index announced for August 2008.

Ruby stands on 9th Position.
Its Just 1 step behind C# 8th Position.
Click here so to see the Positions of Other Languages as well.

Its great to see that Ruby has become popular in very short span of time.

What is Tiobe Index…?

The TIOBE Programming Community index gives an indication of the popularity of programming languages. The index is updated once a month. The ratings are based on the number of skilled engineers world-wide, courses and third party vendors. The popular search engines Google, MSN, Yahoo!, and YouTube are used to calculate the ratings. Observe that the TIOBE index is not about the best programming language or the language in which most lines of code have been written.

Hope this news brings smiles on all Rubyists.


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Chapter 4 “Arrays and Hashes” Now available for Ruby Book.


Please refer to our link, dated 7th July, where we had posted a Blog about a new Ruby Book by Sapphire Steel.  We had informed in depth about this Free book with 3 chapters to download.

Here’s a reference to our old blog, about the book.

Please find the link below, download the Fourth Chapter that covers ” Arrays and Hashes ”

Chapter Four

  • Arrays
  • Creating Arrays
  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  • Iterating Over Arrays
  • Indexing Into Arrays
  • Copying Arrays
  • Testing Arrays For Equality
  • Sorting Arrays
  • Comparing Values
  • Array Methods
  • Hashes
  • Creating Hashes
  • Indexing Into A Hash
  • Copying A Hash
  • Sorting A Hash
  • Hash Methods
  • Treating Hashes As Arrays
  • Appending and Concatenating
  • Matrices and Vectors
  • Sets

Here’s the New Link.


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WOW! Very Huge List of UpComing Ruby/Rails Books in 2008


I am happy to blog about the Upcoming Ruby, Rails, IronRuby, Merb and Other  Ruby related books. You will be happy and surprised to see a huge list of the books that clearly indicates that Ruby is getting massive attention from Developers and Students as well.

Publishers too, have realized the importance of Ruby, hence now have plenty of books to read this year.

Suggestion:- Please cut down your extra expenses, so you can buy and create your own library of Ruby Books.

I present the list herewith:-

Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails
( Aug 2008 )

Author:- Michael Mangino

Ruby in Practice ( August 2008 )

Author:- Jeremy McAnally and Assaf Arkin

Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby ( Aug 2008 )

Author:- Ian Dees

Programming Ruby – 3rd Edition ( Sep 2008 )

Author:-Dave Thomas, with Chad Fowler and Andy Hunt

Ruby On Rails Bible ( Sep 2008 )

Author:- Timothy Fisher

Ruby: Visual QuickStart Guide ( Sep 2008 )

Author:- Larry Ullman

Head First Rails: A learner’s companion to Ruby on Rails
( Sep 2008 )

Author:- David Griffiths

Ruby Phrasebook – Developers Library ( Sep 2008 )

Author:- Jason D. Clinton

Agile Web Development With Rails – 3rd edition ( Oct 2008 )

Author:-Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson, et al

Rails: Up and Running ( Oct 2008 )

Author:- Bruce Tate, Curt Hibbs, and Lance

Enterprise Rails ( Oct 2008 )

Author:- Dan Chak

Rails Pocket Reference ( Oct 2008 )

Author:- Eric Berry

Wicked Cool Ruby Scripts: Useful Scripts that Solve Difficult Problems ( Oct 2008 )

Author:- Steve Pugh

Learning Rails ( Nov 2008 )

Author:- Simon St. Laurent and Edd Dumbill

Rails for .NET Developers by ( Nov 2008 )

Author:- Jeff Cohen and Brian Eng

JRuby Cookbook ( Nov 2008 )

Author:- Justin Edelson and Henry Liu

NetBeans:- Ruby and Rails IDE with JRuby ( Nov 2008 )

Author:- Brian Leonard and Chris Kutler

RubyCocoa ( Nov 2008 )

Author:- Brian Marick

Professional IronRuby ( Dec2008 )

Author:- Aaron Junod and Robert Bazinet

Mongrel: Learn To Build The Greatest Ruby Web Server Ever
( Dec 2008 )

Author:- Zed Shaw

Refactoring: Ruby Edition ( Dec 2008 )

Author:- Jay Fields, Shane Harvie, and Martin Fowler

The Well-Grounded Rubyist ( Dec 2008 )

Author:- David Black

—————–Books Arriving in 2009 ————-

IronRuby in Action ( january 2009 )

Author:- Ivan Porto Carrero

Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers ( Jan 2009 )
Author:- Antonio Cangiano

Enterprise Flexible Rails ( March 2009 )

Author:- Peter Armstrong and Dima Berastau

Rails in a Nutshell ( March 2009 )

Author:- Cody Fauser

Merb in Action ( April 2009 )

Author:- Michael Ivey, Yehuda Katz, and Ezra Zygmuntowicz

I Hope This Helps.

Please inform me, if i am missing any good book. I shall update this blog with New Ruby Books.


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Compare IronRuby with C#, Smile And Learn As Well.

I know, Ruby languages always fascinated you with many of  its great features and Rails always added, lots of smile to it.

Its time to smile more with IronRuby, for various reasons

  • IronRuby lets you work with IronRuby on Rails | Merb | Etc.
  • IronRuby lets you work with Asp.Net web forms.
  • IronRuby lets you work, with Asp.Net MVC
  • IronRuby lets you work with .Net Platform, helping you to access huge library and services, already available to .Net developers currently.
  • IronRuby lets you work with C#, and Vb.Net with its DLR.
  • IronRuby lets you work with SilverLight as well
  • IronRuby keeps you away from lots of curly braces and lengthy code.
  • IronRuby lets you use your Ruby Langauge, with best of both the worlds.

Since the Binary codes have been made available today, working with IronRuby ( Alpha ) is not a big problem anymore. All you have do is get a clear understanding how the .Net languages work.

A Helping Step by Justin Etheredge of ” CodeThinked “

CodeThinked, has already taken a fast approach in that direction to help you, with a detailed Blog series comparing C# and teaching IronRuby from Scratch. Your existing Ruby knowledge will take you far ahead.
IronRuby version 1.0 is likely to ship by December 2008 or Early 2009, meantime this tutorials will keep you well prepared.

Here’s a series of tutorials, that will gear up your IronRuby Speed.

(1) Getting IronRuby Up and Running

(2) Running Applications in IronRuby

(3) Learning Ruby Via IronRuby and C# part 1

(4) Learning Ruby Via IronRuby and C# part 2

(5) Learning Ruby Via IronRuby and C# part 3

(6) Learning Ruby Via IronRuby and C# part4

(7) Learning Ruby Via IronRuby and C# part5

This is not the end of Tutorials. Please keep an eye focussed at CodeThinked to stay in touch with new tutorials.

Hope this information helps


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Quick IronRuby Links to BookMark for Ever.

I ‘m posting few important links for IronRuby, and shall keep them updated.
Please inform, if I’m missing any good links, that you feel should be included.

IronRuby Official Site

IronRuby Code – ( Download )

IronRuby Contrib

SilverLine Plugin  – ( DownLoad )

John Lam – Program Manager at Microsoft ( IronRuby )

IronRuby Wikipedia

IronRuby Samples and Tutorials

Try IronRuby in Browser

IronRuby Forums

IronRuby on Google Groups

ScottGu – General Manager at Microsoft

IronRuby on Steel – Visual Designer ( IDE )

DLR ( IDE ) Project on CodePlex

IronRuby Editor on CodePlex

P.S:- This Blog shall be updated Regularly.


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Meet and Get A New SilverLine Plugin For Rails.

Meet The New “SilverLine” Ruby On Rails Plugin.

Silverline is a Ruby on Rails plug-in which gives the ability to run Ruby in the browser to manipulate HTML, vector graphics, or just do some computation.
Bottom line: it let’s you write Rails code that can run on the client.

More Details and Demo here:-
Download from GitHub:-

How its possible:-
This is all possible because of Silverlight, the 4 megabyte download of the .NET Framework, and IronRuby, the implementation of Ruby on .NET and the Dynamic Language Runtime.

Silverline lets you do anything you can do in Silverlight with IronRuby, but it’s a first-class part of your Rails application, and makes things a whole lot easier.

Now… Get Going with this Plugin.


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