Great IronRuby News from Oscon 2008. Cheer Up.

July 25, 2008 at 3:25 am 1 comment

Here are some great news just announced by Mr. John Lam after his session at Oscon 2008.

Welcome to InronRuby – Contrib on GitHub.
Ironuby Team announces new project: ironruby-contrib. It’s hosted at GitHub, an awesome place to do collaborative development.

The goal of ironruby-contrib is to provide a place where folks from the community can participate in projects that enhance IronRuby or its underlying platforms.

“Rails Plugin” as First IronRuby Contrib Project:-

The first project in IronRuby-Contrib is the Rails Plugin that was demonstrated at RailsConf this year. It makes it easier for Rails developers to add Silverlight to their Rails applications, and contains some of their ideas about migrating controller code to the client. Jimmy Schementi is the brains behind the project.

First Binary Release:-
Its here:-
This takes a big step closer  towards ” IronRuby Runs Real Ruby Programs”

RubySpec Contribution:-
IronRuby Team submitted a first set o changes to awesome ” RubySpec Project “.

That takes them a big step closer towards being an active participant in all things Open Source, and not just the things that the team creates.

Hope you’ll like this news from Oscon.



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Ruby 1.8.7 is available now. Cheers! Meet and Get A New SilverLine Plugin For Rails.

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