Meet and Get A New SilverLine Plugin For Rails.

July 25, 2008 at 4:00 am 2 comments

Meet The New “SilverLine” Ruby On Rails Plugin.

Silverline is a Ruby on Rails plug-in which gives the ability to run Ruby in the browser to manipulate HTML, vector graphics, or just do some computation.
Bottom line: it let’s you write Rails code that can run on the client.

More Details and Demo here:-
Download from GitHub:-

How its possible:-
This is all possible because of Silverlight, the 4 megabyte download of the .NET Framework, and IronRuby, the implementation of Ruby on .NET and the Dynamic Language Runtime.

Silverline lets you do anything you can do in Silverlight with IronRuby, but it’s a first-class part of your Rails application, and makes things a whole lot easier.

Now… Get Going with this Plugin.



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